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best dress

I may not be as easy on the eyes as this gorgeous JCrew model, but how can you not love this elegant wool dress? I’m pretty sure it retails for about 180 dollars, but I only paid only 60 after sales/discounts (happy dance! happy dance!) Hands down, one of my best bargain finds… ever. I don’t see the dress online anymore, but JCrew is offering 30 percent off of a variety of other final sale items. Between this dress and my white coat, I have had unbelievable luck at JCrew this winter. It’s definitely worth checking out.

P.S. My red patent belt is from Target and the peep toe pumps are from Nordstrom Rack. Both on sale, obvi.

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detail oriented

When it comes to “real life,” I’ve been told that I’m very detail oriented. I must be rather detail oriented when it comes to fashion, too, because I’m obsessed with details like braided tank top straps. I’d actually been on the hunt for a shirt like this one, but couldn’t find one that I loved/could afford, so I was elated when I found this gray cotton tank for $7.48 at TARGET. On sale. As if regular price, 15 bucks, wasn’t good enough. The drapey cotton silhouette kind of reminds me of something by Rachel Pally.

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keeps gettin’ better

Got a pair of gray trousers from Banana Republic today. Regular price: $110. I paid: $16.99. Cha-ching! Banana’s in-store sale is fabulous this week. If I wasn’t so pressed for time today, I think I would have been able to find more goodies.

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I fell into the Gap again… oh, and I heart free stuff

Sorry to write about the Gap two days in a row, but OMFG! So, I drop in on my lunch break today because I had such great luck over the weekend with those long sleeved thermal tees, and I end up finding a cable knit sweater for 10 dollars! And it’s not even an ugly color. See the picture above, look how pretty it is. I’m in shock. Go to the Gap, now.

ALSO .. I didn’t post yesterday because I’ve been a major workaholic lately, but I heard about this funky cosmetics litigation thing, and I thought it had to be a hoax until I walked by Saks and they were GIVING AWAY FREE MAKEUP. We’re talking Chanel, Clinique, Lancome, Estee Lauder. I was in heaven.

Basically, it’s been a great week for us bargainistas.

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gotta love comfy cotton tees

After the holidays, I think I was a little shopped-out, but I finally made it to the mall this weekend just in time for some major clearance sales at the Gap. I picked up two thermal waffle tees (gray and pink) for just 8 dollars each. I love these types of tees because I can wear them with jeans on the weekend or wear them to bed with a pair of flannel pajama pants. Confession: I may have worn the pink one on Sunday and the gray one today… shhhh!

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reclaimed wall art

When I decided to redecorate my room back in September, I didn’t realize how expensive my project was going to be. Even small items, like picture frames and photo prints, ate up an unexpected portion of my budget– but then I decided to get crafty. I found these black picture frames at Target in the back to school section. They were sold empty, two to a package. Cheap a.k.a. not super sturdy or durable frames, but they were on clearance, and I paid less than five dollars for two packages of frames.

When I got home, I searched through magazines and other scrap material that I had scattered around my room. For the top frame, I used a Bumble & Bumble shopping bag from my last trip to the hair salon. I’m minorly obsessed with these stylish black and white shopping bags, so much so, that I kept the bag because I thought it was too pretty to throw away. For the bottom two frames, I used magazine cut outs. I used a collage-type image for the middle frame from Portland Monthly magazine, and a photo from a fashion spread in Nylon magazine for the bottom frame. Aside from the actual frames, which were dirt cheap, all of the other materials I used for this project had been previously used. Talk about good for your wallet and the environment.

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look what I found: door knob magnets

I found this cool craft idea today in the Oregonian. Very clever andmost importantlyvery cheap!

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leggings or a venti skinny vanilla latte?

In the winter, I wear leggings constantly: with my rain boots, my snow boots, my UGG boots… oh and with my Nike sneakers to the gym. Its no surprise that my fave pair is getting a little, shall we say, faded from wear and tear. I’ve had such a hard time finding new ones, though, because prices for leggings at stores like American Apparel or Express, for instance, start at 25 dollars. And to be honest, I wasn’t impressed with the quality of the leggings that I tried on at American Apparel… shhhhh.

All I have to say is thank goodness for Forever 21 because I found a pair of long (but not toooo long) black leggings for $4.50. That’s like, less than the price of a fancy schmantzy Starbucks latte. They’re basic, they keep me warm, they’re the perfect length (I’m 5’4” ish), and because they’re nice and inky black the effect is quite slimming. Love it.

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tea is sexy

I gave up coffee about a year ago, and since then, I’ve been a total tea addict. The best part is that tea is not only way healthy, but it’s also way cheap. Hear me out: 4 to 5 dollars for a box of tea may sound like a lot, but when you get 16 bags of tea per box that’s less than 32 cents per cup– and you paid how much for your Frappuccino? Right now I’m obsessed with Yogi Tea. It comes in a million different flavors (some very tasty, some a little too medicinal for my taste), each one created with organic teas and spices that are supposedly “good” for your mental/spiritual/physical health. Be a skeptic if you will, but I swear their Echinacea Immune Support tea has saved me from catching a horrific cold, not once but twice. Oh, and if you visit their web site they’ll mail you free samples. Woohooooo! I adore free shit.

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dress of the moment

I’ve been seeing colorblock dresses everywhere, but what’s great about this dress from Forever 21 is the skirt has a slightly bubbled silhouette, which means it looks way more sophisticated and expensive than the 23 dollars I paid for it. It’s versatile, too: unbutton the top and you have a slighty more provocative, evening-friendly neckline, or keep the top button fastened for a more cutesy, work-friendly look. I plan to wear this dress with black tights and patent leather heels over the holidays, but nix the tights or leggings and you’ve got a dress that will last you through the summer.

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