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tea is sexy

I gave up coffee about a year ago, and since then, I’ve been a total tea addict. The best part is that tea is not only way healthy, but it’s also way cheap. Hear me out: 4 to 5 dollars for a box of tea may sound like a lot, but when you get 16 bags of tea per box that’s less than 32 cents per cup– and you paid how much for your Frappuccino? Right now I’m obsessed with Yogi Tea. It comes in a million different flavors (some very tasty, some a little too medicinal for my taste), each one created with organic teas and spices that are supposedly “good” for your mental/spiritual/physical health. Be a skeptic if you will, but I swear their Echinacea Immune Support tea has saved me from catching a horrific cold, not once but twice. Oh, and if you visit their web site they’ll mail you free samples. Woohooooo! I adore free shit.


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3 Responses

  1. copperseal says:

    i love tea so much! i’m a sucker for chamomile tea. and if you told me i could have a hot cup of chamomile instead of my grande marmo at starbucks every time – id give it up in a heartbeat.

    loving the free samples! heading to the website now for some goodies!

    thanks for the post 😉

  2. made sweet says:

    Even though I don’t drink tea, I love the packaging for yogi tea! I always notice it in the store and absolutely adore it.

  3. imallagog says:

    Yumm…I have to restock now after reading your post

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