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When it comes to “real life,” I’ve been told that I’m very detail oriented. I must be rather detail oriented when it comes to fashion, too, because I’m obsessed with details like braided tank top straps. I’d actually been on the hunt for a shirt like this one, but couldn’t find one that I loved/could afford, so I was elated when I found this gray cotton tank for $7.48 at TARGET. On sale. As if regular price, 15 bucks, wasn’t good enough. The drapey cotton silhouette kind of reminds me of something by Rachel Pally.


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4 Responses

  1. DESIGN DIG says:

    Good ol’ Target! I am always amazed at the deals i find at Target!

  2. Little Gray Pixel says:

    Pretty! I never know what type of *ahem* undergarment to wear with tanks like that.

  3. copperseal says:

    target has the best sale racks ever!!

    oh, and i think i win bargain hunt for the day – just scored a $14.99 jeweled tank at Old Navy for $1.50

    yes. you read that right.

  4. micasue says:

    I heart Target.

    Sometimes they think a little too highly of their clothes (and furniture) and way over price them,
    (Like some of the GO designers)
    but then they do really nice sales.

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