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Forever 21 introduces swimwear!


With bikinis priced at 12 dollars each piece and monokinis like the one pictured above only 22 dollars, Forever 21‘s new line of swimwear looks very promising. Keep it coming.


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4 Responses

  1. CHIC Sensibility... says:

    Wow thanks for the update. I’m definitely checking it out.

    Stay chic,

  2. K @ Blog Goggles says:

    I heard they were releasing some but hadn’t seen them yet. This one’s cute, but would leave some nasty tan lines!

  3. paula says:

    really? I am all about a cute bargain. I may need a little more coverage though:)

  4. Swimwear says:

    Nice stuff on swimwear .But Quality aspect should not be pushed to corner for style and

    fitting while buying swimwear. Make sure that the swim suit you are purchasing has no rips

    or tears and is also free from manufacturing defects related to buttons and stitching.

    Always go for a swim wear made up of quality fabrics

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