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no more smelly self-tanners!


Jergens was the first brand of skin care to develop a line of self-tanning products that didn’t turn my skin orange.  Now, still 10 steps ahead of the game, they’ve launched a new foaming self-tanning lotion.  I’ve come to accept the fact that self-tanners usually stink, but to my surprise and delight, not only did the new Jergens foam dry faster, but it’s the least smelly self-tanning lotion that I’ve ever tried!  This weekend, I applied it to my arms and legs and then a few hours later asked a friend to smell me and see if she could tell me what I was wearing (a little creepy I know)– but she had NO idea I’d put on self-tanner.  Looks like life keeps getting better for us sun-phobes.


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  1. Robin says:

    thanks for the kind words on my blog. they are much appreciated. i’m glad i came by to read this… i have been using sunless tanners for over twenty years and tried everything out there until I came across st tropez mousse and quit looking after that as i had found the motherlode. but now ulta no longer carries it and i have a hard time finding it, so i was kind of wondering what else had come on the market in the meantime. so i’m reading about this online and still cannot figure out, is this actually a sunless tanner or just a bronzing make up? i love that you passed the smell test with it! haha

  2. Katie says:

    It’s a sunless tanner. It builds color gradually, though, so it takes a few days to really notice a change in skin tone.

  3. Robin says:

    thank you! i picked some up. i was even told that i smelled yummie just after slathering it on…. imagine that! people online were talking about it being for sale in their areas for like 4-5 bucks for a 20 oz bottle but all i could find in california was a 5 oz bottle for 9 bucks. still… it’s tons cheaper than st tropez or going in for a spray. thanks again for sharing :O)

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