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cold weather flannel

I said I wasn’t going to, but I caved and bought a flannel shirt.  I don’t feel quite so bad, though.  It’s warm, comfy, and I found it at Target for only $15.

Come to think of it, it kind of reminds me of my Snuggie…

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ruffles make me happy


I’ve been so good about resisting unnecessary purchases lately, but when I saw this pretty silk top on clearance at the Gap for $13.99, I had to buy it.  There’s just something about ruffled tops that I can’t resist.

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detail oriented

When it comes to “real life,” I’ve been told that I’m very detail oriented. I must be rather detail oriented when it comes to fashion, too, because I’m obsessed with details like braided tank top straps. I’d actually been on the hunt for a shirt like this one, but couldn’t find one that I loved/could afford, so I was elated when I found this gray cotton tank for $7.48 at TARGET. On sale. As if regular price, 15 bucks, wasn’t good enough. The drapey cotton silhouette kind of reminds me of something by Rachel Pally.

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I fell into the Gap again… oh, and I heart free stuff

Sorry to write about the Gap two days in a row, but OMFG! So, I drop in on my lunch break today because I had such great luck over the weekend with those long sleeved thermal tees, and I end up finding a cable knit sweater for 10 dollars! And it’s not even an ugly color. See the picture above, look how pretty it is. I’m in shock. Go to the Gap, now.

ALSO .. I didn’t post yesterday because I’ve been a major workaholic lately, but I heard about this funky cosmetics litigation thing, and I thought it had to be a hoax until I walked by Saks and they were GIVING AWAY FREE MAKEUP. We’re talking Chanel, Clinique, Lancome, Estee Lauder. I was in heaven.

Basically, it’s been a great week for us bargainistas.

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gotta love comfy cotton tees

After the holidays, I think I was a little shopped-out, but I finally made it to the mall this weekend just in time for some major clearance sales at the Gap. I picked up two thermal waffle tees (gray and pink) for just 8 dollars each. I love these types of tees because I can wear them with jeans on the weekend or wear them to bed with a pair of flannel pajama pants. Confession: I may have worn the pink one on Sunday and the gray one today… shhhh!

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stocking up on sweaters

In honor of Portland’s first (and possibly only… you never know around here) snowfall of the year, I’ve chosen to share my favorite winter weather secret: Gap sweaters. They’re a fave because they’re soft and warm, but around Christmas time they always get rediculously cheap. The day after thanksgiving, all turtleneck sweaters were buy one get one free– so I paid only 20 dollars per sweater– which makes me wonder why anyone would ever want to pay full price. I also found an adorable dark pink cardigan on the sale rack last Friday for $16.99. The ribbon belt that came with the sweater is adorable– I plan to wear it with a pencil skirt or skinny jeans and knee high boots.

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affordable luxury

When I first heard that Old Navy was selling cashmere, I was a bit skeptical. I thought Old Navy was just a place for flip flops and polar fleece, but thank goodness I was wrong. These polos may not be the creme of the cashmere crop, but they’re soft and the perfect thickness for winter layering. The best part of all? They’re only 25 dollars each! As I said, I was initially a skeptic, but I purchased the magenta sweater to see how it would stand up to everyday wear and tear, and again I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve hand washed and line dried my sweater a handful of times, and it’s still in one piece, plus I love the color of the sweater that I picked. Couldn’t get much better for 25 bucks, right?

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