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what’s a girl to do?


Problem: I’ve had my eyes on these babies since they first debuted in last fall’s Urban Outfitters catalog. Regularly priced at 148 dollars they were way out of my league, and now they’ll on sale, but still a whopping $99.99. Shall I wait it out? Or take the plunge?

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comfy pumps


Aerosoles is the last place I thought I would find a sexy pair of heels for Valentine’s Day, but as usual, I’ve been proven wrong. And the best part: these shoes retail for 80 dollars, but I got them on “winter clearance” for 20! And the ultra cushy sole is heavenly. Who knew cute heels could be so comfortable (and cheap). Guess I might be able to wear heels out dancing now without having to slurp down several vodka sodas to mask the pain.

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