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pretty in pink


Walking through the mall last week, I noticed that Betsey Johnson’s windows were lined with racks of 80s-style pouffy party dresses. What fun, I thought to myself.  And then, not even two minutes later, I found a selection of similar dresses at Forever 21.  The Betsey Johnson frock is $435, the one from Forever 21 is $24.80.  I’m sure you can guess which one I’ll be buying.

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outfit of the month


Love the floral dress from Target and alice + olivia for Payless— where have you been all my life? Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

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Forever 21 introduces swimwear!


With bikinis priced at 12 dollars each piece and monokinis like the one pictured above only 22 dollars, Forever 21‘s new line of swimwear looks very promising. Keep it coming.

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wish it was summertime!


I can’t wait for summer. I always have so much more fun in the summertime, and I can’t help but love warm weather clothes (i.e. this yummy cotton dress from Forever 21.) I know I’m not going to be able to wear it for a few more months, but I tried it on and it looked very pretty, and well, it was only 20 dollars. Ahhhh, Forever 21 is a death trap! I swear, I can’t walk into that store without buying something. But look at this dress. It’s so pretty.

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leggings or a venti skinny vanilla latte?

In the winter, I wear leggings constantly: with my rain boots, my snow boots, my UGG boots… oh and with my Nike sneakers to the gym. Its no surprise that my fave pair is getting a little, shall we say, faded from wear and tear. I’ve had such a hard time finding new ones, though, because prices for leggings at stores like American Apparel or Express, for instance, start at 25 dollars. And to be honest, I wasn’t impressed with the quality of the leggings that I tried on at American Apparel… shhhhh.

All I have to say is thank goodness for Forever 21 because I found a pair of long (but not toooo long) black leggings for $4.50. That’s like, less than the price of a fancy schmantzy Starbucks latte. They’re basic, they keep me warm, they’re the perfect length (I’m 5’4” ish), and because they’re nice and inky black the effect is quite slimming. Love it.

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dress of the moment

I’ve been seeing colorblock dresses everywhere, but what’s great about this dress from Forever 21 is the skirt has a slightly bubbled silhouette, which means it looks way more sophisticated and expensive than the 23 dollars I paid for it. It’s versatile, too: unbutton the top and you have a slighty more provocative, evening-friendly neckline, or keep the top button fastened for a more cutesy, work-friendly look. I plan to wear this dress with black tights and patent leather heels over the holidays, but nix the tights or leggings and you’ve got a dress that will last you through the summer.

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