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yummy new frozen entrees


I know that TV dinners aren’t always the healthiest option out there, but hello!  Who has time to cook themselves three gourmet meals a day?  I’ve been known to pop a Lean Cuisine in the microwave every now and then, so I was excited to see Healthy Choice‘s new line of frozen foods hit the grocery aisles.  I sampled the Marinara Manicotti Formaggio (which is obviously just a fancy way of saying cheese manicotti) and the Sweet Asian Potstickers.  Both were pretty filling, especially the manicotti, which came with a small side of broccoli and an apple-pie tasting dessert.  Taste wise, I’d have to say that Healthy choice has got Lean Cuisine beat.

Here comes the best part…  Since these products are new, my grocery store had them on sale, so the “entree” and “complete meal” were only $1.88 each (regularly priced between $3-4).  Oh, and my manicotti/broccoli/dessert was only 350 calories.  Yummy.


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