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love at first sight


I was at Old Navy on Friday afternoon, doing some last minute shopping for something dirt cheap and green, when this bright floral scarf caught my eye. With all the floral dresses I’ve been eying lately, I simply had to have it. Thank goodness I was at Old Navy and not at Nordstrom because the scarf was only 12 dollars. I’m super excited about it because now I can look springy without freezing my ass off.

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affordable luxury

When I first heard that Old Navy was selling cashmere, I was a bit skeptical. I thought Old Navy was just a place for flip flops and polar fleece, but thank goodness I was wrong. These polos may not be the creme of the cashmere crop, but they’re soft and the perfect thickness for winter layering. The best part of all? They’re only 25 dollars each! As I said, I was initially a skeptic, but I purchased the magenta sweater to see how it would stand up to everyday wear and tear, and again I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve hand washed and line dried my sweater a handful of times, and it’s still in one piece, plus I love the color of the sweater that I picked. Couldn’t get much better for 25 bucks, right?

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