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trend spotter: wedge sandals


We’ve had gorgeous weather here in Portland this week, so I was finally able to test drive my new gladiator-style, wedge sandals that I found on clearance months ago for only six dollars at Sloan. Such a steal– I can’t wait ’til summer when I can wear them with shorts and floral-print dresses. What summery clothing and accessories have you been saving to wear for next season?

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my new years resolution: shop local

Buying local, whether its veggies or shoes, is becoming even more important for the health of our economy and the environment. When you support local businesses, your money goes directly back into your neighborhood, and of course, with unpredictable fuel costs and global warming on everyone’s mind, shopping local is one more way you can shrink your carbon footprint in 2009. It just so happens that Sloan, one of my favorite boutiques in Portland, had some pretty fabulous sales going on last week (i.e. this silk, watercolor print Kensie dress on for only 20 dollars.) If you live in the Portland area, I highly recommend Sloan for its adorable dresses, vegetarian handbags and infinitely versatile wrap sweaters. If not, do a little research on boutiques in your area, and discover how much fun shopping can be outside of the mall.

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