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Two weeks ago, after digging through racks of overpriced and/or unflattering winter coats at the mall, I walked into JCrew to drool over a cream-colored Italian wool jacket that I had been eyeing since September. When I slipped on the jacket, which, of course, fit perfectly, even my mother was sold. The only snag? A 298 dollar price tag. Let me tell you, I adore winter white. But when it comes to blowing a whole week’s paycheck on a luscious, cream colored jacket, I hesitate because– slob that I am– I know what a dirt magnet they can be. How could I resist, though, when the saleswoman informed me that all wool outerwear was 30 percent off and that I could receive an additional 20 percent off of a purchase of 100 dollars or more?

In the end, I gave in. I spent 167 dollars on the coat, but couldn’t have been happier with my purchase. My budget for a wool jacket was 200 dollars, and even after picking up a can of Scotchgard for 8 bucks, I still had a few dollars to spare. So if you’re looking for a new coat, a handbag or fabulous pair of pumps this holiday season, now might be a great time to take the plunge and try a fashion trend that you’ve been too scared to splurge on in the past– sparkles, patent leather, or perhaps (if you’re anything like me) a pretty albeit sometimes impractical winter white.

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